Donna Ulisse

Hi Donna. Have you and your band ever been to Sneedville, Tn? birthplace of Jimmy Martin. Anyway every June they have a big bluegrass get together on the Clinch River. Maybe yall could come.

Donna Ulisse responded on 05/02/2012

No, we have never played Sneedville, TN but I am familiar with the bluegrass festival you are talking about. Actually, my agent spoke with them and they told her they try to book bands with fiddle players. I don't have a fiddle player but we sure would love to play the festival. Like I tell all my friends out there; if you want to see us at a festival, the best way is for you to track down the festival promoter or venue owner and tell them you want to see us at their venue. It sure does help! Thanks so much for the question.


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