Donna Ulisse

Are you breaking in the new guitar? Have you kept your busted Martin? Really made me tear up when I saw that photo. Hope you come WEST soon. Any chance?

Donna Ulisse responded on 02/08/2012

Hi Regi,

I am a little sad about my old guitar. I wrote so many of my songs on that shapely wood and it's hard to think she's quiet now. I kept the guitar and have had luthier friends of mine offer to fix it. I just might let them try if it's not going to set my wallet back into the dark ages.

The new Martin is trying hard to impress me. She's already coughed up 3 new songs and ready to writer number 4. I love the guitar, it's a 1987 D-28 with lot's of dings and scratches telling stories of being played LOTS.

thank you for checking in on me and I hope to make it out your way soon.


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