Donna Ulisse

Think you'll ever tour out West in California?

How do you put a CD together?

How often do you write songs?

Is it the melody or the lyrics that comes first in songwriting for you?

Donna Ulisse responded on 10/24/2011

Hi regiberry!

The first questions is a hope of mine. I would love to play in California and am always looking for the opportunity. If you know of a venue that would be a good fit for me I would sure love to know about it. I promise to follow up on any leads you throw my way.

Putting a CD together is a major plan from the beginning to the end if you are going to have any success with it. The easy part is recording it. The hard part is what to do with it once it is all packaged up. When my team of folks have all decided what songs to use we then sit down and come up with marketing plans.

I write songs everyday, or at least try to. It's my great passion and I try not to let time slip by without working on a new tune.

For me the melody and lyric form together. When I write with co-writers often times one person is carving out a melody and the other one of us is typing out a lyric. It's always magic when it starts sounding like a song. I love it!

thank you for writing in,

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