Donna Ulisse

I'm a songwriter,and wondering if you ever look for other material or just your own? I like your style and you seem so genuine, and the type of person I would be honored to sing my songs! New Fan!!!

Donna Ulisse responded on 04/13/2011

Hi Jody,

Songwriting sure is a good way to spend some hours! I love working with words and a melody and dreaming up a story. It's a good job to have these days.

My publishing company has generously become my record company so they could help give me a way to have my songs heard. It's a wonderful partnership but fortunately and unfortunately that means that I'm only recording things I've written myself. I am enjoying the fact that I have a catalog full of songs that will finally see the light of day.

I hope your songs will find a home and I so appreciate you reaching out to me. That's the way to get them cut for sure. Thank you for your kind words.


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