Donna Ulisse

when and where did you first sing in public?
What was your first instrument?
When did you first play in a band?
How do songs come to you?
What's your favorite chord progression?

Donna Ulisse responded on 03/12/2011

Hello regiberry,

Let's see.....I started out on a stage in my backyard with a bluegrass band when I was 3 years old. My mom and dad had given a bar-b-que and I wandered on stage and sang "Take This Hammer".

My first instrument was a lovely pink upright piano that I adored. My dad got me a guitar on my 11th birthday.

I played in my first band when I was about 12. My dad purchased a diner and hired a band that would let me sing with them on the weekends.

Inspiration for my songwriting comes from living life. I usually write what I know and if that fails me I just start humming a melody and words usually follow. It's a strange process I know but it seems to work for me.

My favorite chord progression?....hmmm....I don't know that I can get past three chords and the truth when I'm writing alone. I'm a pretty simple girl and try to keep my melodies that way.

I hope you have a blessed rest of your day my friend.

Donna Ulisse

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