Donna Ulisse

I heard you have two very beautiful step-daughters. I would just like to know if you have a favorite?...

Donna Ulisse responded on 02/23/2011

lol....What a loaded question! Here is my well thought out answer Rach@mas. I love the oldest step-daughter for her accepting heart. She embraced my presense in her life and welcomed me in without a thought, unconditionally. I love the baby step-daughter for her loving spirit. She has an unbridled passion for life and a no-nonesense approach to living it :) She also loved me without question and sincerely.....what's not to love?
I hope that I skirted the question well enough but the real answer is NO....I don't have a favorite! Both are living in equal parts of my heart.
Donna Ulisse
proud step-mother

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