Donna Ulisse

Donna, do you think, country music artist feel what we feel when we play and sing bluegrass , and bluegrass gospel music. dose there music come from there heart and soul. i watch you perform, and i

Donna Ulisse responded on 02/23/2011

Hello BanjomanRay,

I came out of the country music market when I launched my bluegrass journey and I can only answer from my own experience. I have always created my music from the same source....God! I sang then the way that I sing now and I love to put heart and soul into a song. I do however have a rather LARGE respect for the music created in the bluegrass world. I have never, NEVER been involved in anything like it. The musicianship and vocal talents are the best things I've ever laid my voice against and when I'm in the midst of the acoustic instruments it blows me away everytime.
peace my friend,

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