Donna Ulisse

Hi Donna, we are going to Merlefest in April, which - we don't see you on the list of performers but this sounds like it would be a great venue for you - would love to see you there!

Donna Ulisse responded on 01/11/2011

I would love to see me there!
Merlefest is an invitation only artist has to wait for the folks on the Merlefest committee to invite you. Sometimes the best way to get an invitation to any festival is when fans let the promoters know who they want to see there (hint hint!)
I am so grateful to all my friends and fans who have contacted festivals on my has really made a difference in getting me out there! So.......enjoy the festival and if you have time maybe you can do a little Donna Ulisse promoting because I would love to be on that stage :)

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