Donna Ulisse

whats your lates cd, out. i want all your cds in the end. love your music, and i want to give you a great big sulute' for keeping bluegrass, and folk alive. thanks.

Donna Ulisse responded on 10/14/2010

I'm so happy that you wrote in! I love, LOVE bluegrass! I wish I had started this journey through mountain music a whole lot sooner than I did but....better late than never.

My latest cd is "Holy Waters". It's a spiritual/gospel collection that I've written with the exception of the song "Who Will Sing For Me" that I included. The cd released before this one is "Walk This Mountain Down" and though it does include a couple of gospel tunes it is mostly real life put to banjo's and

Have a blessed rest of your day my friend and let me hear from you again.


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