Donna Ulisse

Tell us about your grandmother, who you said started the whole
thing? Where did she live?

Donna Ulisse responded on 08/03/2010

My sweet grandmother, Bonna lived in the Charlottsville area of Virginia. It's beautiful country there. When she was a young lady it was a whole lot more rural than it is today and life wasn't so easy for this railroad man's woman. They had a hard time scratching a way to raise six kids during the hard times as my grandfather worked tirelessly for the C&O railroad which kept them moving all the time.
In my memories she still has the voice of an angel. I hear her now. She taught me to sing harmony before I learned to sing lead. She would take me to church on Sundays and I remember her singing so loud, way above the other voices. She had a strong alto voice and didn't mind sharing it with anyone within listening distance and beyond!
As she grew older they moved to Richmond, Virginia where she lived until she went into a retirement community in Yorktown, Virginia. She sure was a good grandmother, a nurturer, a cheerleader, my biggest fan.
Donna Ulisse

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