Donna Ulisse

Donna: Hope someday that you can come back to Flagler Beach and have a couple of drinks with us. We enjoyed your company and are always looking for your return. Hopefully we will get to see your show in York, PA in December of 2020. We lived in the York area and all of of our children went thru school in the Red Lion, PA area. We miss you and wish you and your band a very successful future. You are truly talented and your band put a little joy in our lives. God bless you for making our lives a little better in our twilight years. Renee & Tom (and the Golden Lion)

Donna Ulisse responded on 10/22/2019

Hello there Tom,

I hope this moment finds you and Renee fit as a fiddle. We had a marvelous time at your lovely home and look forward to seeing you again soon. I promise to return to our beloved Flagler Beach and The Golden Lion. I sure could use the sound of the ocean and those fish/shrimp tacos but most of all your company.

With love,

Donna Ulisse

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