Donna Ulisse

How long have you been singing Bluegrass. I just recently saw videos of you on facebook and Real Roots Radio. I'll see you at the Roberts Center in Wilmington Ohio later this month. Love your singing.

Donna Ulisse responded on 07/02/2019

Well about being late responding to you! The Wilmington show has come and gone and we had the best time playing it. I was always around bluegrass music because my Daddy loved it and the first song I ever sang on stage was Take This Hammer. However, I forged my path as a very traditional country singer and that is how I was signed to Atlantic Records in the 1990's. As a songwriter, my publisher noticed that whenever I wrote song by myself, they were very Appalachian feeling and suggested I record a collection to sell at writer's nights and that is when I did my first bluegrass album produced by Keith Sewell in 2007. And they rest as they say is history!

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