Donna Ulisse

Hi Donna,

Hope you're having a blessed day. You have a beautiful voice.

I discovered you and your music about an hour ago. I asked Google a question for something I'm struggling with as a songwriter. That finalizing rewrite stage led me to do some soul searching on "getting too attached to your song" habit I have sometimes. Your book was 4th on the list and that's where this connection began.

I plan on doing some more research on you and your music. From what I've heard so far is a blessing to my ears.

I do have a question. Have you ever struggled with rewriting a few lines in a song?

Thanks and God Bless,
Ronnie Glenn

Donna Ulisse responded on 04/28/2017

Hello Ronnie, thanks for the question! A very successful writer once said to me, "great songs don't get written, they get re-written" & I firmly believe this. I am constantly going back to my songs, looking at them from every angle to see how I can strengthen them. I edit all the way up to a demo or recording session as my publisher can vouch for because after I record them, she'll listen to the recording to double check the lyrics on file & see many changes that happened the day of the recording. My theory is I always have what I started with & can always go back to that but why not try to keep improving it? I teach many songwriting workshops when I'm touring but have started a new type of workshop where only 6-8 seats are available & the students actually co-write with myself & Jerry Salley who has written many hits. This type of workshop offers insight into our process & can offer a writer a huge growth spurt. Details here: Peace, Donna

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