Donna Ulisse

Donna recently upon visiting with you after your concert in Eureka, MO> and gave you our business card from our Bluegrass Radio show here in K.C. I told you about one of our most requested projects of yours was the one with Whispering pines on it Hard Cry Moon . When we went review it and schedule our show 2 wks out we found the C.D. to be defective would there be any way that you would be kind enough to supply us with another copy. Believers And Bluegrass 102.7 FM KC. Mo 7000 N. Bales Ave. # 251 Kansas City ,MO. 64119
Thank you
Buster Roper 81-215-4338

Donna Ulisse responded on 03/22/2017

Buster, I am so sorry, I just saw this. I will have the record label send you another one this week! Donna

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