Donna Ulisse

Donna, no question just a thank you!. Great workshop in Kendallville at the Bluegrass Festival this fall. Well I am writing. My last one was for the 100th Anniversary for my church. They love it. Thanks again your inspiration and encouragement.

Donna Ulisse responded on 03/22/2017

Forgive me for being so slow in thanking you for your wonderful message. I am so glad you are writing! It is so true that the more you write, the more the creative juices flow. Jerry Salley and I have started doing some very limited seating workshops at my wee farm where we actually write with the students to give them a real taste of co-writing with one of us. Rick and I cook all the meals and feed the students some good home cooking. It is a great way to "up your game" in songwriting. If you or any other writers you know ever want to try it, email me at

Keep up the writing. You made my day to read that the workshop helped you on your creative journey!
Peace, Donna

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