Donna Ulisse

We met Donna when Rick and her were singing at the County Line in Virginia Beach in the 1980's. We were travelling through Nashville and saw they were playing at a club in Nashville in the 1990's. We asked Rick to sing "Mama, don't let your babys grow up to be cowboys". We always felt they had the talent to make it big. It was a pleasure to hear her on Bluegrass Junction. We love her new album and waiting for the next one. She was like a rose bud waiting for the right time and place to bloom and now she has blossomed (Sounds like a good song title). We are too old to travel any more but hope to join them in Dinwiddie, VA in June. God bless her and Rick. She should write a book or make a movie. Loretta Lynn has nothing on her. God bless her and Rick. Ruth and Glenn Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA

Donna Ulisse responded on 01/23/2016

Thank you for this wonderful message! It is so nice to be remembered from my early days of performing in the Virginia Beach area with Rick and look at us...we are still making music together and loving every minute of it! I hope we do get to see you in June at the Dinwiddie, VA festival! And thank you for tuning in to hear me on Bluegrass Junction. Peace, Donna

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