Donna Ulisse

I have been trying to find your version of "I Want To Grow Old With You"
lyrics and chords without success. Also, I would like to know who wrote the version you are using.
Thank you.

Donna Ulisse responded on 12/05/2014

Hello Bill,
Unfortunately we don't have sheet music available on this. I co-wrote the song with a friend who is also a songwriter named Claire Davidson. It is available on my CD "When I Look Back" and was also included in my compilation CD "I Am A Child of God". They are both available on my website store, Amazon, CDBaby, and iTunes also. While I don't have anything with the chords, I know my publisher would be happy to email you a copy of the lyrics if you email her at kanderson(at) Her name is Kathy. Tell her I asked her to email you the lyrics. Thanks! Donna

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