Donna Ulisse

First noticed your work when I was stationed in Germany as I was thumbing through cd's at he PX in Darmstadt, Germany. This was 1994. I was never happier listening to any artist as I was then. I gave that cd away an have regretted doing so. I hope to find what I believe to be your first album. What was your first album and can it be purchased? I can't remember the name of the album, but would recognize its cover.

Donna Ulisse responded on 08/25/2014

Well first of all, THANK YOU for your service to our country! Your story about finding my first CD at the PX warmed my heart. The CD was Trouble At The Door on Atlantic Records. Unfortunately, I don't even have any copies and it is out of print. However, from time to time you can come across the on Amazon as used CDs or on EBay so you may want to keep an eye out on there. Sometimes the prices have been amazingly high which always surprises me, but you may get lucky. Take care and good luck finding it! Peace, Donna

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