Donna Ulisse

Hi Donna, I just read your e-Mail Sounds like you are just like me as I am writing [2] books, as these are farm stories, of my past as I reread them I get very emotional, as I write the truth, the story is about the [THE FORGET ME NOTS IN THE FREE ORCHARD, I have been working on that; as my memory comes to light,
Sometimes I can't believe I have written those pages
Gee thanks for taking the time to read my e-mail
Eddie from ; Dallas, Penna

Donna Ulisse responded on 08/01/2014

Hi Eddie, I have a little time while I am out on the road and just saw your message. I know what you mean! I can't believe I sat down and wrote a book. it started as a handout for a writer's workshop I was going to do and I just had so much to say, it took on a life of its own! Writing the truth has been some of the best advice I was ever given as a writer and I applaud you for doing just that. Thank YOU for taking the time to write to me.

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