Donna Ulisse

I have the album "All the way to Bethlehem". Is there a recording of Donna's narration between songs of this album ? We saw her in person and her naration

Donna Ulisse responded on 02/19/2014

Unfortunately there is not a recording of the narration I do when I perform the whole album. My record label is talking about a DVD of a full live performance of the album in the future but I don't know when that might happen. Probably not in 2014. Much of what I say in the show is written in my companion songbook for the album. I had more room to write about what I was thinking when I wrote each song in the book than in the CD liner notes and it also includes all of the scriptures that inspired the songs. I love pulling out this music to the album each season and performing it again. Thanks for coming to one of the shows.

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