Donna Ulisse

I love your music and enjoy the YouTube Videos. Do you and the Poor Mountain Boys ever perform at Bluegrass Festivals in Michigan? It would be great to see you perform live. On a side note, I have several banjo and CD videos that Greg Davis made. He's a great player. Thanks! Denny

Donna Ulisse responded on 01/15/2014

Hello Denny,
So far we have not performed at all in Michigan but hope to in the near future. If you go to any festivals you would like to see us at, it is always very helpful if you find the promoter or email the festival and tell them you want to see us in their lineup. Festivals listen to these suggestions more than you might realize.

I could not agree with you more about Greg Davis being a great player. I feel so fortunate to have him in the band and think the world of him and his talent. Thanks for mentioning how great he is.

Denny, I sure hope we see you out there on the road in the future.

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