Donna Ulisse

What made you decide to have your music made into a story of Jesus (All The Way To Bethlehem?

Donna Ulisse responded on 12/09/2013

Well, my record label had been after me to do a Christmas album for some time. As much as I love some of the old Christmas standards, I was not sure the world needed a new recording of them by me! :) "Then I wrote You Cannot Stay Here" about the Innkeeper and "You Will Be Delivered" which is Gabriel singing to Mary and my publisher encouraged me to continue to write the whole story from the perspective of all of the characters who were there and part of the story. Truthfully, once i started, I was on fire to write the whole story in song and it became a complete focus for months of doing research and writing with my co-writers or on my own. I could not shut it off in my head....I just had to write it. At one point I toyed with including a couple of standards mixed in but my producer and record label felt that I had written the whole story and to keep it all original. Perhaps in the future I will go back and do some familiar songs as a second Christmas album :) Thanks! Donna

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