Donna Ulisse

I enjoy your music and I play you on my radio show on WAJL AM 1400 in South Boston, Va. Thank you for this song happens to be one I did not have. God bless you and again thank you for any music that I can use .

Donna Ulisse responded on 11/20/2013

Hello Arvin, Thank you for playing my music on your show. We're going to be playing in Victoria, Virginia Friday night, Nov. 22 which isn't too far from you! We'll be doing our Christmas show and some of the tunes off the new CD on the second set.

I am going to pass your email address along to Kathy from my record label and have her contact you to find out which CDs of mine you might not have and she will send them to you if you want them for your show! Thank you so much once again!

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