Donna Ulisse

Why did you give up on country music?
Bluegrass is not the same! You were fantastic on your debut album Trouble at the door why go another direction1 Please hit me with country music!

Donna Ulisse responded on 11/20/2013

Hello Gerwyn,
Thank you for this nice comment about my very first album on Atlantic Records. I don't think I "gave up" on country music but when an artist is on a major label, there are so many things that are completely out of the artist's control. The man who signed me to Atlantic Records was replaced and as it so often happens at major labels, there is often a lot of collateral damage when changes happen. My career was caught up in that change. I then turned my attention to songwriting and what I am recording now is what I tend to naturally write. So, rather than giving up on country music, my approach to my music has evolved and this is where I am very happy and comfortable singing. Now, on my new record,"Showin' My Roots", I did reach back and pay tribute to much of the great country music that has influenced my musical life so you may want to check that out! Thanks for writing!

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