Donna Ulisse

Donna, I was wondering if you give out CD's to radio DJ's. I have a bluegrass radio show going out every Tuesday evening UK time from I would like to play your music but do not have any of your material. I have been asked for it and thold them that I would get it. We broadcast all around the world, and my show has a big fan base both hear and in the USA.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Tony Friel
"The Bluegrass Boy"
Strabane Radio On Line.

Donna Ulisse responded on 10/02/2013

Hello Tony,
My label is very good about getting my music to the DJs. There are two ways you can get it; All of my CDs are up on Airplay Direct for download. If you can't use digital files, email Kathy Anderson at my label at and she will get the music to you.
Thank you for wanting to play my music! I truly appreciate it.

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