Donna Ulisse

Hey Donna!
Just a quick msg. to tell you I have "put a bug in Willie Jerrels ear". He is promoter at Mandolin Farms BG festival in Flemingsburg, Ky. We are there now & it's an awesome venue! Willie & his family are hard working Christian group. I've told him how to contact you thru Hadley music. His festival is Labor day weekend. A couple of the main groups here this yr. are Nothin Fancy & Doyle Lawson. If you'd like me to get any further info. let me know & I'll try to help you.
Jim has been very sick since the 1st of the year & this is only or 2nd time out this yr. But he is doing much better now & we are enjoying getting to BG festivals a little. Hope things are blessed with you & yours!!! Hugs Judy

Donna Ulisse responded on 09/02/2013

Thanks Judy! I would love to play that festival!

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